Igniting the Spark Within
Igniting the Spark Within


Kids Five and Over

P. O. Box 4746

Portsmouth, N.H. 03802 



Talent is abundant within our youth.  Opportunity is not.


Our Mission

Kids Five & Over is an all-volunteer local nonprofit dedicated to helping children in challenging economic circumstances grow their talents and find their niche.


A sustained commitment to financial support and programming is our focus so that each child can reach his or her full potential.  



What people are saying

"In my heart I believe if given the opportunities, kids can flourish.  Their potential is unlimited - and as parents I know we all want to be the one that lays out those opportunities.  In the face of not being able to do it myself, I cannot thank you enough for what you all did. You have changed her life - both of our lives.  Thank you for the work you do and the true gifts you are giving to the community."

- Parent



"I love what your organization does. I would have been one of those kids whose parents could not afford extra curricular activities.  I know how much these activities can do to build confidence in children from my own kids who were able to participate.  Thank you for this beautiful way to support children."

 - K50 Donor



“Opportunity isn’t the only gift the children sponsored by this group have received.  The organization has paid for cabs to get kids to their summer camps, leotards for gymnastics class, gym bags, sneakers and baseball gloves.  If a child needs something to pursue his or her talent, the organization works to make it a reality.

- Seacoast Online



“I know with what you do, you help a lot of kids who deserve these privileges and I am honored that I am ranked in those people. I am working hard to be ready for my first competition! And thanks to you, I’ll be there.”

- Jade, age 12



“Sometimes playing sports, joining Girl Scouts or learning the piano, are the most memorable moments of your childhood. No child should miss out on these moments because they're not able to afford it.”

- Molly, age 16



"Everyone has a talent…I think they should have a chance to make something of that talent.”

- Daisy, age 10



"Thank you for giving me a scholarship for baseball!  I love playing it.  When I grow up, I want to be a player for the Boston Red Sox."

-Brenden, age 12


"The joy on his face and in his expression of gratitude is something my words cannot convey.  Overjoyed is a grave understatement.  Without your amazing organization, he would not have this opportunity.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Mentor



Congratulations to our K50 Kids!

Here is a sample of some of their talents

Violin Lessons


Little League



Horseback Riding





Running Camp

Ski Club

Flute Lessons

Digital Art Class


Lego Robotics

Swim Training

Baseball Clinic

Hip Hop Dance

Baseball Clinic






Martial Arts

Play Performance

Computer Science

Business FBLA



Pipe Organ
Clay Sculpting




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